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We Hire more Apple Mac items than what is listed here, so if you do not see what you want to hire, then please ask, as we will try to supply, even if it is not an item that we have in stock.

We are very happy to hire so that you can test out a machine before you decide to buy, so please take advantage of this offer if you are a new customer and are not sure if to buy from us or one of our competitors. We would prefer that you hire for a week or two before buying, that way we know you are happy with the machine you are purchasing and if it does not suit your requirements, then you can try another one that may be more suited to the demands that you are making of it. and we give 50% of the hire charge back should you decide to buy.

Please remember that by hiring you can offset the hire charge against your Tax if you work for your self etc.

The hire rates are per week for the hire over a 52 week period. To calculate the short term hire charge please multiply by 1.5 for per day, X5 (some are X6) per week for <4 weeks hire, X3 per week for 4<> weeks hire, X2 per week for 8<> weeks hire.

 Mac Pro 2.0 Quad   £20.00

G5 2.7 D

G5 2.5 D

G5 2.3 D

G5 2.0 D

G5 1.8 D

G5 1.8

G5 1.6








G4 MDD 1.42 D

G4 MDD 1.25 D

G4 MDD 1.0 D

G4 MDD 1.25

G4 MDD 1.0

G4 MDD 867 D







G4 Q/S 1.0 D

G4 Q/S 800 D
G4 Q/S 933
G4 Q/S 867
G4 Q/S 800
G4 Q/S 733








600 Snow

600 Dalmation

500 Snow

500 Dalmation











Mac Mini



More to list!

Apple Macintosh Computer Hire

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