Although this site is still not fully operational, you will find some parts are usable none the less.

 We are very busy and are trying our best to get this sorted out as soon as possible. If there is anything you would like to see on this site then please let us know.

                                            The MacGraveyard

       89 Churchfield Road, Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire LU5 5HN, England.

                    01582 710760/863657 or 07974 556418/07875 161764

Welcome to The Mac Graveyard


 We will supply parts 24 hours a day but

please be prepared to pay a premium if

you require a part at 2 am etc.

 If you are after a working Mac then you

can most likely arrange to test it at a time that is convenient for you.

          Spare Parts

  We aim to supply all the spare parts

you may need in the near future,  but

at this time we have most spares for ,

the G3 B&W , G4 Yikes ,  G4 Sawtooth,

G4 Gigabit ,  G4 Digital Audio ,  G4 Q/S,

G4 MDD.  We are just short of some of

the processor sizes , but have plenty of

all the Logic boards and Power supply's

etc that you may need and most of the


 We also have parts for other Mac's from

Legacy through to the G5.

We will supply from a screw through to

a whole case. at the most competitive

prices you will find.


 All Machines that we supply come with a


 Our Machines come with a Full 3 Months 

Parts and Labour Guarantee

 Commission Sales come with a 30 day

Parts and Labour Guarantee and 60 day

Labour only following that.

Graphic Cards

Graphic Cards



Logic Boards

Logic Boards

Power Supply's

Power Supply's

The Games Room

Games Room

The MacStudy

The MacStudy


 Yes we hire, please check us out if you are looking to hire, long term, short term or just to test out the machine you are interested in buying.

TMG Hire

TMG Hire

 Repairs, we repair most Mac related products, not just Apple! So if your Soundsticks have died then we will repair them too.

So please ask if you need something repaired as we have taken on repairs to Processors , Logic boards, Graphic cards etc . But please we are not micro people from Mercury, so we can not repair everything!


If you have any Apple Mac  com-

puters, equipment etc or parts to

dispose of then please do not give

them away for nothing before you

try us as we will PAY CASH.

Do not listen to them when they

say they are doing you a favour in

taking your Mac equipment for free

They are doing themselves the big

favour not you.

If you would prefer to give them

away then please let us place them

with a project so they go to those who are really in need.

Recycle clearance.




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