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  All our power supply's are tested second hand units, most come from machines that we strip for parts or reconditioned ones that we repair  in-house or outsource. 

 If you would prefer your unit repaired then we can handle that for you, but if you can not wait then we are sure you will find our units the most competitive in stock units on the market today!

 If you need a replacement unit through the night then please do not forget that we supply 24 hours a day! and there is free fitting on most units! Please ask about units not listed below.

 All our power supply's are covered by our 3 month Guarantee!

 Please DO NOT throw parts away to landfill we will take them!!

G3 Blue & White      £20.00 S/H  £45.00  RECON

G4 PCI 208W          £25.00 S/H  £45.00  RECON

G4 AGP 237W         £35.00 S/H  £45.00  RECON

G4 GIGA 338W       £45.00 S/H  £50.00  RECON

G4 D/A 338W         £45.00 S/H  £50.00  RECON

CUBE & DR BOTT    £75.00 S/H  £80.00  RECON

G4 Quicksilver   £65.00  S.H  £70.00  RECON

G4 MDD 360W  £75.00  S.H  £80.00  RECON

G4 MDD 400W  £70.00  S/H  £75.00  RECON

G5 450W         £85.00  S/H  £85.00  RECON

G5 600W         £95.00  S/H  £95.00  RECON

Power Supply's

Other Power Supply's available Please ask.

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